28 December 2006

I have cleansed my soul...

or at least my inbox.

I just did a major cleaning of my gmail inbox. I had over 500 messages in there! I've started to streamline everything since next week it becomes my main lifeline to work.

I will start work at the print shop around the 4 or 5th of Jan. Meanwhile, I'm working on getting everything worked out to make it as easy as possible to work from home when the need arises. This means clearing off the laptop, streamlining and forwarding my email accounts to one account. I created a new account for my design company (name - Zenbot Design) and I'm working on figuring out what exactly it is that I need. I'm currently salivating over this little gem, but it's not something I need right now... but damn I do want it. Okay, so it's somewhat expensive... but I do get student discounts! (And here's hoping I can write off at least part of it at the end of the year.)

I'm in a cleansing mood, actually. I don't know if it's because of my inner-mom kicking in due to Rob being sick, or what... but I'm not arguing! I'm looking forward to working at home on learning my new software and getting everything ready for my new job.

Wish me luck!

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