20 March 2007

Things on my mind....

1. I'm going to rock this post liz style and bust out the list with a tasty groove.
2. I enjoy watching WorkOut on Bravo.
3. I had sushi from a local place today. It's right up the street and not bad. Not as good as Drunken Fish, but not bad.
4. I'm actually looking forward to going to the gym tomorrow.
5. Work is crazy lately. It's getting to be spring which means uniforms and lots of high maint. customers. I've been working from home every night so far this week. Tomorrow night, I will take an evening off.
6. My asthma is hopefully going to get better. We'll see, tho.
7. I'm looking forward to crawling into bed tonight.
8. I'm currently reading Ender's Game. I picked it up because I had never read it before and hear nothing but good things.
9. I'm trying to eat better and try new things.
10. I'm currently addicted to CookingCute for all things bento.
11. I think Bravo is addicted to champaign toasts.
12. This weekend is Ann/Norah's baby shower. Fun!

14 March 2007

If you don't know me that well...

you may not know this fun fact about me: I don't like killing things.

Yup. That's right. I'm not one who enjoys seeing something come to its untimely end, so I'm reaching out to all of you for help. The truth is... I'm a killing machine.

You see, out of all the plants I started last year... a lone, sad looking tree has survived. This year, I'm starting fresh! Strawberries! Jalapenos! Catnip! Many other things to come... but how can I prevent death from finding my green little friends? I'm turning to the interweb for assistance!

Anyone with a remotely green thumb? What are your suggestions for container gardening on a small patio?

07 March 2007

Another day, another excedrine migraine....

Yesterday was a rough day for me. Work sucked a fatty and I ended the day with a HUGE stress headache.

Today, looks to possibly be the same. Oh fun. I did get to watch Dave on House last night. That was great.

I'm having a grand ol' DMB time lately. Whenever spring comes around, my brain switches to tour mode and I listen to DMB non-stop while anxiously awaiting the tour dates to be announced. I'm hoping that I'll get an email from the Warehouse any day now. I surfed on over to the WH site and found that some DMB shirts were on sale for $5.. so I picked one up.

I really don't have much to post today... which is good because I have plenty of work to get done.

OH! One more thing... Everyone with cds sitting around that they don't listen to anymore should sign up for LaLa. It's music trading - inexpensive and legal.

01 March 2007

Office environment...

I was on the phone with my mom as she drove into her parking garage at work. She says, "Someone is in my parking spot!"

She proceeds to memorize the plates so she can have a co-worker find out who the car belongs to.

Ahh... to work for a law enforcement organization.

Take my advice...

Read this.

It may help some of you *coughrobcough* cope with the fact that you have married someone who will be a mac-person. Someone who will enjoy being a mac-person. Someone who wishes she could be a mac-person very soon.

If nothing else, it will make you giggle.

This morning I forgot to set my alarm. That's okay, because the crazy MO weather took care of waking me up by having the tornado sirens go off at 7:57am. Gee! Thanks weather from hell!

Did I mention that it's sunny and about 60 degrees out right now? Did I mention that it was sunny and 55 degrees at about 8:15? No? Well... there you have it.

Seriously... I need to move.