01 March 2007

Take my advice...

Read this.

It may help some of you *coughrobcough* cope with the fact that you have married someone who will be a mac-person. Someone who will enjoy being a mac-person. Someone who wishes she could be a mac-person very soon.

If nothing else, it will make you giggle.

This morning I forgot to set my alarm. That's okay, because the crazy MO weather took care of waking me up by having the tornado sirens go off at 7:57am. Gee! Thanks weather from hell!

Did I mention that it's sunny and about 60 degrees out right now? Did I mention that it was sunny and 55 degrees at about 8:15? No? Well... there you have it.

Seriously... I need to move.


SimplyChelsey said...

hey. my name is Chelsey. i like your stuff alot. i have read, maybe three posts. im excited to start reading some more.

:) bye!


queenlizzle said...

andrea -
TRUST ME the weather could be worse. we have a winter storm today - all the fun stuff, including, but not limited to, snow, ice, sleet, and wind.

i'll trade ya! :)

NerdyArtist said...

Btw, Liz... I forgot to tell you I tried (and purchased!) some of the barbie line from MAC.


Go get yourself some right now!

queenlizzle said...

dude...i need to get hooked up w/that stuff. i fear that none of it is appropriate for my skin and needs. but i really want some. maybe the eye shadow. or hte lip stuff.

what did you end up getting?

NerdyArtist said...

I got the shimmery eyeshadow in goldish color (can't remember the name right now) and I got the dark eyeshadow (mothbrown)

Love it!

I felt fabulous as I was leaving the store because the girl who helped me was great. Made my eyes look HUGE. Now if only I could figure out how to do that at home...