27 February 2007

Spring has sprung, the grass has gris, I wonder where the flowers is?

Okay, so maybe it's not officially spring, but it certainly feels like it's getting close.

I know this because I have been listening to DMB nonstop and it makes me very happy. Almost excited. Spring means summer and summer means tour. Tour means happy fun dancing time for Andrea.

Not much is new with me... work, school, gym. I've lost 10 lbs since the beginning of the year. (ironically, I'm eating a cookie at 10 am as I type that...)

I've decided to start a new category in this blog and that would be highlights of some of the shirts I'm asked to make by high school students. I'm amused by them... you should be as well.

For example:

1. A kid came in with his mom for a shirt that says - Stop the bus, let my friend Jack off. I offered to put something on the inside of the shirt for when he's asked to turn it inside out at school.

2. I am in the process of creating shirts for twins that say, "I'm Mr. Kelly Clarkson." Their friend has photoshopped a photo of Kelly Clarkson in pics of each of them.

Crazy kids...

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