22 June 2007

Babylicious Update

Today, I'm 13 weeks pregnant. This means I'm entering the 2nd trimester officially. This is often known as the "Honeymoon Phase" of pregnancy as the vast majority of your symptoms go away and you feel really good.

As morbid as the thought may be, I'm excited to have made it this far. I worried, fretted and drove myself and everyone around me nuts because I was constantly fearing miscarriage. Things that I have near no control over scare me. But here I am! 2nd trimester! I'm allowing myself to get super excited and to maybe purchase a thing or two along the way.

To celebrate this milestone, I sent in my pre-registration for the hospital I plan to give birth in. I'm also hoping to get into a prenatal yoga class in the near future to limber up my body and make it as prepared as possible for giving birth.

There are a lot of things to consider when planning for a new family member. One of the things I decided early on is to try to be as green as possible with this child. This means that I'm going to avoid disposable diapers, (no, I'm not using cloth, but I'm going with g-diapers as much as possible as they decompose quickly) I'll use cloth bibs, and I'll try to avoid bottles with disposable inserts. I really hate the fact that so much of our lives is disposable. Rob knows this, but I hate paper plates. I'd rather use regular plates and just have to wash them more often. Silly, I know... as I may be wasting water to avoid making more waste.

Anyhow... this is how I hope to be. I am fully aware that most people have delusions of grandeur before actually becoming a parent, but I'm certainly going to be one to try to stick with this. But if I fail, I know that may parents do. And that when it comes to parenting... you can only do the best you can.

From my homepage....

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.
- Miss Piggy

19 June 2007

Fuckity Fuck!

Not that any of those who read this need to, but if you cruise on over to lanebryant.com or torrid.com you'll notice that the price of clothing is significantly higher than other stores. These two stores charge a great deal for clothing that's not made all that great.

When I would shop for clothing, I would usually hit Old Navy. Sure the clothing isn't better made there, either... but at least they weren't trying to fool anyone. If I pay 20 bucks for knit gouchos, I'm fully expecting them not to last longer than a season. It was inexpensive enough that if I wanted something new to wear out on a Friday, I could hit ON on my way home and get something without breaking the bank.

Well, let me be the first to say, "Fuck you, Old Navy!" I've just learned that they're removing the plus size clothing from their stores. I have basicly no reason to go in there other than to buy the occasional t-shirt (which, for now, I don't need plus size) and a pair of flops.

I was really excited about Old Navy's Plus Size collection currently, because finding plus size maternity clothing is somewhat difficult. I knew that I could buy bigger sizes at Old Navy and get by without just buying a mu mu. Apparently, not anymore.

So join me in giving Old Navy the finger. FUCK YOU, OLD NAVY!

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday - Left work at noon to meet up with Rob and Cville kiddos at the Lown's for some sellin' of our shit. Sale ended at 3 with everyone exhausted except for me, as they've been sitting in the sun for the whole day. Lowns napped. We ran to Target. Came back for BBQ and a chill night with Kingstons and Lowns.

Saturday - Get up early for more selling. Decided to pack it up at noon-ish and head to goodwill to donate what didn't sell. Bought a few things and headed to 54th Street Grill for yummy lunch happenings. Headed back to the Lowns where I proceeded to pass out for 2+ hours. Having a little person growing in you makes you tired.

Headed to the Kingstons at about 7:30 so the boys could play poker and the girls could hang out. I left at about 10:30 or so because I was getting tired again. Headed straight to bed and read a little before dozing off with my face in my book. Rob got home about 1am.

Sunday - Did a whole lot of nothing. Went to Babies R Us and looked around at cribs and other baby stuff. I'm anxious to start buying things for the little guy/gal. We had lunch at our O'Standby - O'Charlies. Headed to Old Navy to look for pants/shorts for me. Failed. Rob got some tho! I hit The Body Shop for necessities and then we headed for home. Grocery shopped at some point in the day. Spent the rest of the day doing probably nothing.

Monday - Rob and I were both home sick. I had a headache and Rob can barely talk. I still have the headache and upset stomach and just wnat to go home and sleep.

13 June 2007

We might as well be strangers....

End of the first trimester is this week. Baby Lammle is growing strong. I have a dr. appt tomorrow to make sure everything is okay.

I wish I could say that the baby is what has me so excited right now, but no.. that's entirely too understandable. What has me excited right now is that the State will finally be released on DVD this fall. My prayers have truly been answered.

Not a whole lot to report besides the little person growing inside of me. I'm hoping for a boy, but I'll be happy either way. The fun thing is I'll find out what it is not long before I visit Soniya and Erik for DMB in August. Yay! Soniya, we may have to go to that hip baby store you mentioned. :)

Work is going alright. Boss is out of the office today and has been most of the week. That always makes for better times as things can be more relaxed and productive. (yeah... don't ask..)

Garage sale this weekend at the Lown home. Going to sell loads of stuff and hopefully make loads of cash.

That's all I got. Sorry for the rambliness.