19 June 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday - Left work at noon to meet up with Rob and Cville kiddos at the Lown's for some sellin' of our shit. Sale ended at 3 with everyone exhausted except for me, as they've been sitting in the sun for the whole day. Lowns napped. We ran to Target. Came back for BBQ and a chill night with Kingstons and Lowns.

Saturday - Get up early for more selling. Decided to pack it up at noon-ish and head to goodwill to donate what didn't sell. Bought a few things and headed to 54th Street Grill for yummy lunch happenings. Headed back to the Lowns where I proceeded to pass out for 2+ hours. Having a little person growing in you makes you tired.

Headed to the Kingstons at about 7:30 so the boys could play poker and the girls could hang out. I left at about 10:30 or so because I was getting tired again. Headed straight to bed and read a little before dozing off with my face in my book. Rob got home about 1am.

Sunday - Did a whole lot of nothing. Went to Babies R Us and looked around at cribs and other baby stuff. I'm anxious to start buying things for the little guy/gal. We had lunch at our O'Standby - O'Charlies. Headed to Old Navy to look for pants/shorts for me. Failed. Rob got some tho! I hit The Body Shop for necessities and then we headed for home. Grocery shopped at some point in the day. Spent the rest of the day doing probably nothing.

Monday - Rob and I were both home sick. I had a headache and Rob can barely talk. I still have the headache and upset stomach and just wnat to go home and sleep.

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