13 June 2007

We might as well be strangers....

End of the first trimester is this week. Baby Lammle is growing strong. I have a dr. appt tomorrow to make sure everything is okay.

I wish I could say that the baby is what has me so excited right now, but no.. that's entirely too understandable. What has me excited right now is that the State will finally be released on DVD this fall. My prayers have truly been answered.

Not a whole lot to report besides the little person growing inside of me. I'm hoping for a boy, but I'll be happy either way. The fun thing is I'll find out what it is not long before I visit Soniya and Erik for DMB in August. Yay! Soniya, we may have to go to that hip baby store you mentioned. :)

Work is going alright. Boss is out of the office today and has been most of the week. That always makes for better times as things can be more relaxed and productive. (yeah... don't ask..)

Garage sale this weekend at the Lown home. Going to sell loads of stuff and hopefully make loads of cash.

That's all I got. Sorry for the rambliness.

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