19 June 2007

Fuckity Fuck!

Not that any of those who read this need to, but if you cruise on over to lanebryant.com or torrid.com you'll notice that the price of clothing is significantly higher than other stores. These two stores charge a great deal for clothing that's not made all that great.

When I would shop for clothing, I would usually hit Old Navy. Sure the clothing isn't better made there, either... but at least they weren't trying to fool anyone. If I pay 20 bucks for knit gouchos, I'm fully expecting them not to last longer than a season. It was inexpensive enough that if I wanted something new to wear out on a Friday, I could hit ON on my way home and get something without breaking the bank.

Well, let me be the first to say, "Fuck you, Old Navy!" I've just learned that they're removing the plus size clothing from their stores. I have basicly no reason to go in there other than to buy the occasional t-shirt (which, for now, I don't need plus size) and a pair of flops.

I was really excited about Old Navy's Plus Size collection currently, because finding plus size maternity clothing is somewhat difficult. I knew that I could buy bigger sizes at Old Navy and get by without just buying a mu mu. Apparently, not anymore.

So join me in giving Old Navy the finger. FUCK YOU, OLD NAVY!

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