13 March 2008

I swear I'm still alive!

I have a 2 month old now. She's 12lbs and cute as can be!

In other news, I need your opinions. I'm currently interested in one of 3 cases for my new cell phone. I'm getting a Samsung Blackjack II, which just happens to be the same size as an iPhone. This means that there are many more cute sleeves out there for me to choose from.

These are the three that I like best. All are from Etsy.com because I like to support crafters and buy handmade!

1. Cherry Blossoms from Janine King Designs.
Thoughts: I love the elegant and simple design of this one. Zipper closure, padded and has a clip for all my clipping needs.

2. Baby Duckles' Rock N Roll Part II
Thoughts: The main perk of this one, besides being kick ass green, is that it has a pocket that I could possibly use for my bluetooth headset. My only concern is magnetic closure - what?

3. Jasmine Flora from Oh My Guiles!
Thoughts: Cute fabric, padded, soft interior to prevent scratching and a clip. Doesn't close like the Janine King one - is just a sleeve.

Your opinions - I wants them.

On a side note - as my daughter is getting into some sort of routine, I hope to be appearing here more often. :)