07 March 2007

Another day, another excedrine migraine....

Yesterday was a rough day for me. Work sucked a fatty and I ended the day with a HUGE stress headache.

Today, looks to possibly be the same. Oh fun. I did get to watch Dave on House last night. That was great.

I'm having a grand ol' DMB time lately. Whenever spring comes around, my brain switches to tour mode and I listen to DMB non-stop while anxiously awaiting the tour dates to be announced. I'm hoping that I'll get an email from the Warehouse any day now. I surfed on over to the WH site and found that some DMB shirts were on sale for $5.. so I picked one up.

I really don't have much to post today... which is good because I have plenty of work to get done.

OH! One more thing... Everyone with cds sitting around that they don't listen to anymore should sign up for LaLa. It's music trading - inexpensive and legal.

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