20 March 2007

Things on my mind....

1. I'm going to rock this post liz style and bust out the list with a tasty groove.
2. I enjoy watching WorkOut on Bravo.
3. I had sushi from a local place today. It's right up the street and not bad. Not as good as Drunken Fish, but not bad.
4. I'm actually looking forward to going to the gym tomorrow.
5. Work is crazy lately. It's getting to be spring which means uniforms and lots of high maint. customers. I've been working from home every night so far this week. Tomorrow night, I will take an evening off.
6. My asthma is hopefully going to get better. We'll see, tho.
7. I'm looking forward to crawling into bed tonight.
8. I'm currently reading Ender's Game. I picked it up because I had never read it before and hear nothing but good things.
9. I'm trying to eat better and try new things.
10. I'm currently addicted to CookingCute for all things bento.
11. I think Bravo is addicted to champaign toasts.
12. This weekend is Ann/Norah's baby shower. Fun!

1 comment:

Soniya said...

OH MY GOD YOU'RE READING ENDER'S GAME. I'm jealous. It's one of those books I wish I'd never read so I could read it again for the first time. Currently though, I've read it about 10 times. I read it about once a year I think. Just really love that book. Let me know what you think of it.