14 March 2007

If you don't know me that well...

you may not know this fun fact about me: I don't like killing things.

Yup. That's right. I'm not one who enjoys seeing something come to its untimely end, so I'm reaching out to all of you for help. The truth is... I'm a killing machine.

You see, out of all the plants I started last year... a lone, sad looking tree has survived. This year, I'm starting fresh! Strawberries! Jalapenos! Catnip! Many other things to come... but how can I prevent death from finding my green little friends? I'm turning to the interweb for assistance!

Anyone with a remotely green thumb? What are your suggestions for container gardening on a small patio?

1 comment:

queenlizzle said...

i subscribe to cottage living magazine and they always have tons of info on container gardening. i'm sure they have info on their website too.