03 April 2007

I is smrt!

You'd think that a high school graduate, partially college educated (hey! I'm working on it!), formerly gifted student (as in formerly in gifted classes, not that I've lost any gifts....) would think to check the weather report before leaving home for the day.

But no. Instead, I'm sitting at work, wearing flip flops and according to the radar there is certain rainy death approaching. Fun!

I haven't blogged in a while. Work is nothing short of crazy lately. Baseball teams and American Girl out the wazoo. We've been rather busy. In fact, today I have several things on my plate and I'm supposed to head to class at 1pm. This is, of course, if rainy death doesn't get in the way of my going to class... We'll see how things look closer to 1pm.

Liz! You're on blogger! Yay!

I'm currently trying to decide what DMB shows we're going to attend this year. If it was up to me, we'd be doing a marathon week of 2 shows in Alpine Valley and 2 shows in Indy.... but Rob isn't as much of a fan as I am. Oh..and that would be somewhat expensive.

Every purchase I make I've been thinking about how it takes away from my mac fund. I'm saving up to get an iMac. A little each month... I hope to be giving myself a sweet birthday present next year. (hopefully sooner!)

Blah blah blah bliggity blah. I feel I've rambled enough for one day. I'll check back soon!

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