11 January 2007

Mom, it's my birthday...

Yeah... DMB quote. Predictable, eh?

Well, it's my first post of the new year, and I figured, "Why not do it on my birthday?"

Today was the big 25 for me... it feels a lot like being 24. Whoopee. On NYE we were at the Scottish Arms listening to bagpipes and eating yummy food. Ran into my best friend from high school and proceeded to analyze the crap out of her, myself, and our entire friendship for the... well the next 10 days or so. It still creeps in there once in a while, but WAYGD? Float on, I suppose.

I've started the new job, and besides a few small things, I love it completely. I get to sit infront of a computer all day and be creative, it's the easiest boss I've ever worked for, and I'm building my portfolio. Oh.. and customized clothing rocks the pants. Look for creations to be posted as soon as I get the hang of everything.

For my birthday, Rob got me I AM PLASTIC, Frankenstein makes a Sandwich by Adam Rex, and Strangers with Candy: The complete series. The coolest thing he got me (altho, I AM PLASTIC really rocks...) is he registered a domain name for me - zenbotdesign.com - which will be the website for the design company I'm starting. Yay for being grown up!

We ended up at McGurk's tonight for drinks and burgers and proceeded to brainstorm about changes to make to the condo. We can't really leave anything alone...

I don't have much else to report at this time, other than I'm currently adding music to my ipod and my fingers are currently cold.

Oh... I guess it's news that I got a new phone. It's a Samsung Trace. I'm falling in love with Bluetooth, as I can wear it and still work on the embroidery machines as well as do my artwork at work... so that's cool.

I'm random tonight.


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Soniya said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Miss!!! Glad to hear that you're liking the new job and that you're appropriately geeky (as per your Strangers with Candy and Trace ownership).