21 December 2006

I've been busy!

Since Monday, I haven't eaten all that much because I haven't been feeling well. Oddly enough, while the thought of ingesting food made me queasy, the thought of making/baking it made me happy. So during the time when I couldn't eat what I was making, I did a great deal of baking... and other things that rhyme as well!

These are the chocolate crinkles I made. Not to toot my own horn, but they're a favorite of just about everyone who tries them. This year, I made a double batch, and after spending a number of hours by my oven, I'm still only halfway done. More for later, I suppose.

Then we have the fiberglass chair that Peekaboo is modeling. This was picked up during our weekend of hitting the antique stores. While not a pedigree, it's still a great addition to our house. Peek, if you can't tell, is sporting her new haircut. Every time we shave her down we realize how tiny she actually is! She's a 7 year old cat!

Finally, we have the bag I added a design to for my sister-in-law. Rob's stepsister, Sara, has been wanting to learn how to knit, so I decided to give her a skein of yarn, some needles and this nifty bag to carry it all in. I'm pleased with the design, but was disappointed with the transfer. My iron sucks, apparently.

I'm leaving work today at 4pm so Rob and I can load up my car and head for Fisher. This weekend will be a flurry of activity including Lammle Family Christmas (with cookie decorating!), new haircut for moi, and hosting Christmas dinner with my mom & brother.

Somehow during all of this, I also need to finish shopping for my mom & dad, as well as wrap everything that is going to be given this weekend.

I suck, btw. Sorry to everyone for the lack of Christmas cards. This semester was brutal.

Everyone travel safe and have a great holiday weekend!

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