13 December 2006

I think my head is going to explode.

List format. Deal with it.

1. Missed work Fri, Mon & Tues.

2. Rocked my Math Final on Monday. Passing grade, please.

3. Purchased a few of our spice jars. They're so cute in person, I can't stand it.

4. Borrowed the West Wing Season1 from Jason. Loving it.

5. Wood for our home-made platform bed has been purchased and is currently awaiting sanding at home. Rob says that the air in his workroom got pretty darn thick while he was sanding, and he worries about me having breathing issues if I start to sand. My head hurts so bad that I'm agreeing with him currently and going to let him work on it. (But prepping and staining are all mine!)

6. Went to Dr. today to ask about my headaches I've been waking up with. Have to have an xray of my face, or more specifically, my sinuses. My head hurts right now, infact.

7. Ordered Rob's Christmas presents today. I certainly hope he likes them.

8. I have eleventy-billion thank-you cards to write. And then I get to start on Christmas cards.

9. My house is a mess.

10. I also have eleventy-billion dozen cookies to bake, but that's the fun stuff.

11. I really want to go home, put my head down, and weep because my face hurts.

12. Instead I will do laundry while in my pjs and watch The West Wing.

I hope you have a relaxing evening as well.

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