22 September 2006

Yah Toast!

Today, I work without a lunch break so I may leave at 3 and start my weekend. Woo!

On a slightly related note - Starbucks Doubleshot + Excited about weekend = Jittery as HELL Andrea. I can't concentrate on any one thing for very long and I'm having trouble...Oooh... a quarter...

And, I'm back. Sorry, I just took a trip to the bahamas there for a minute. (bonus points if you can name that comedian and skit) I'm hoping the weather cooperates tonight so that the boat may be taken out on the lake for some drinking-on-water action. Tomorrow it will be outlet-mall shopping and then going out for dinner and drinking. Sunday will be waking up, having lunch and then driving home. That's my weekend in a nutshell. (No, this is me in a nutshell... what am I doing in this giant nutshell? What sort of nut should require this large shell?)

I'm in a special mood right now. I blame this on the aforementioned starbucks and the fact that today is the debut of my boots for the winter. I'm still pretty happy with my brown pair, but I think that a new pair of black boots (or other fun color.... green maybe?) is due. Rob refers to my black boots as my frankenstien boots, and I can't really argue with him. They're knee high black boots with a stacked heel and a slight platform on the toe. These boots were made for ass-kicking, my friend. Some say they look like hitler boots. They stand on their own, seriously. They're hardcore.

It's supposed to rain this afternoon, and this is one of those times where I really hope the weather channel is wrong. Right now it's absolutely beautiful outside, and it's making me very happy. (Or maybe that's the caffiene talking...)

Next weekend is Rob's Batch party, and a dress fitting for me. The following weekend it sounds like we'll be going home to finalize, and then it's wedding day! 22 days to go!

22 days, and I STILL haven't ordered my linens. Bloody hell. I'm going to get that done TODAY.

Okay, that's all I've got. Oh! One question for you MAC users (makeup not computer), what type of foundation do you use?


queenlizzle said...

hello andrea!!!!!!!!

i could talk boots and makeup forever.

this is the first time in my life i can zip up a pair of regular knee high boots. jk and i bought a pair for me and then immediately returned them because i decided to buy 01283901238 shirts instead. but anyway - i love boots.

i did also buy some new brown boots for fall. i had some black from last year, but the bottom line is, you can NEVER have too many pairs of boots.

make up -
i was not using a liquid make up from mac. i was just using the concealer in the tube and the pressed powder (applied with a brush so it goes on like loose powder).

however - while i have stuck with mac for eyes and lips, i am now a bare minerals foundation girl and i LOVE it. i wear the light foundation and mineral veil on top. dont know if powder is your thing but i LOVE this stuff. i do really like hte mac stuff too. the concealer is really nice.

NerdyArtist said...

I haven't started to look at boots, but I'm sure I will soon. Have any suggestions as to what's hot this fall?

I don't know what kind of foundation Agata used on me when she did my makeup for the trial, but I did like it. It took some getting used to, tho.

Right now I'm using Stila's Tinted moisturizer, and while I do like it, I feel it's time for a little better coverage.

I haven't tried the MAC concealer yet, but I'm really happy so far with the stila perfecting concealer in shade "c." Great coverage.

I want to get some mac eye makeup. Everything I have (lancome) seems to wear off as the day goes on. I then look odd in just my mac fluidline eyeliner (In Macroviolet!)

*sigh* I seriously want to go into MAC and buy one of everything.

queenlizzle said...

the little tubes of mac eye paint or whatever hte eff they are called are REALLY awesome for stay the day (and night). you just put that on first, which already has color so it helps oomph your color and helps it stay forever.

mac eye shadow is the only brand of eye shadow that i have ever used that i have been completely satisfied with. i have an urban decay pallette that i really like that but brand isn't good for all purposes. mac has something for every need. i am addicted to buying mac also. i think i have like 15 eye shadows. they're so pretty!!!!!!!

as for boots, at least up in this area there seem to be two looks: one is the classic, more tailored look and the new look this fall is vintage inspired. like victorian looking boots that lace all the way up the front, or just have a victorian flair in the heel and toe. i went with classic but i think the vintage inspired ones are really cool and would look very romanticish.