08 September 2006

Oh, the things we can find on the interwebs.

I've discovered some great new (to me) sites this week. Several of these sites I found from my favorite-blog-of-the-moment, My Aim Is True. This blog is run by a funny designer chica named Amber. If you dig me, but wish I wrote better, was maybe more clever, and had already finished obtaining my degree and had a kick ass job... then you'll love her blog. She's cool girl v. 5.1, where as I'm still on the beta release.

From her site, I've found Finslippy, Poundy, and Tickytacky. Now I haven't been able to devote real time to exploring these sites, but I figured I'd share them anyhow.

Other fun discoveries include Kurt Hasley's webiste, Adam Rex - writer and illustrator of Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich, and this awesome pattern that was featured on Craftzine :blog.

Another couple of places of note would be this article on I Watch Stuff! and Radio.Blog.Club.

There. I've just sucked away the remaineder of your morning. Enjoy!

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