25 September 2006

Don't confuse the kitchen.

Friday - Got off work early to run some errands and meet everyone at my house. After some slight confusion and a large burger at Sonic, we hit the road.

Made it down there in record time to meet the Illinois kids. Sat by the lake drinking warm beer for about 20 minutes until Kim got there. Went inside and was amazed by the awesomeness of the condo. Piper took inventory of how much booze was there. We estimate there was about 850 ounces total. Started drinking, did presents and hung out. Went to bed at about 1am.

Saturday - Woke up before everyone else and sat in the screened in porch and read. Puttered around until everyone else got up. Sat and had breakfast, then loosely planned our day. We got ready and headed out to this massive outlet mall. Made awesome purchases at a cosmetics hodge-podge store (yay MAC!), Gap Outlet, and Harry & David. Ate pretzels and then headed back to the condo for some boating fun.

Drank on the boat, road fast, bruised my knee, but alot of fun was had. The water was COLD as it splashed on us, but it was alot of fun. We spent about an hour and a half on the boat and the came back to get ready to go out. My stomach was bothering me on the boat, off of the boat and this continued over the remainder of the evening, so I wasn't wild and crazy, but I had a good time. Learned that you should just take the burger as ordered at the Horny Toad, because asking for it without lettuce may confuse the kitchen.

Headed back after listening to a crappy cover band butcher Prince, Santana, and Cream. Stayed up way to late talking about way too little. Hit the sack.

Sunday - Woke up with a start around 9am. Puttered around. Sat outside on the porch talking while eating a nutritious breakfast of Oreos and Starbucks. IL-side people took off early, so the four remaining (Mike, Piper, Kim and myself) sat around talking about what to do. Cleaned up the condo, did all the laundry, and cleaned the place from head to toe. Decided to hit "the strip" which consisted of touristy-trappy places that were alot of scary/oddball fun. Bought shirts for Rob and I (way cheesy) from a kind old man named Paw-paw. Then headed back towards the outlet mall to hit some places we missed. I had a bomb-ass personal Hawaiian pizza at this place called Lil' Rizzo's. We then went back to the outlet mall for Extreme Christian Clothing and a Borders Outlet. We all purchased books and then hit Target for ipod chargers.

Headed for home after target. Got home, switched stuff and cars around. Rob and I took Mike home and then picked up some drive-thru dinner. Watched Sunday night cartoons. I crashed early while Rob read next to me.

Fun weekend with good friends, good scenery, and a relaxed time. Today I'm going home at the half day because it hurts to breathe. I think I have a head/chest cold. FUN!

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