28 September 2006

It's Rex Manning Day!

I've spend my day surounded by the sweet sounds of bad pop music and good electronic music. All while catching up on work that I missed while out with the plague.

Spent two days hacking up crap and sleeping alot (not to mention a little arts & crafts project that can be found here.) And now I'm back at work for the final two days of the work week, before spending a relaxing weekend at home. The next two weekends are going to be pure chaos! (but good chaos!)

Hrm... let's see... my weekend plans so far:

Friday: Get off work go home, relax for a little bit, and then head to the Scottish Arms for drinks with Piper. And because I'm out with Piper, this will probably mean trouble of some sort. Drinking at several places, late night coffee, and buying stupid shit at some 24 hour establishment. EH... it's what we do.

Saturday: Putter around the house, maybe hit the gym, and then meet up with Helen at some point to go over the details of the reception as she is in charge of rallying the troops and making the place fabulous. After that, I'll see where the night takes me.

Sunday: More puttering and relaxing. Laundry will be done. Food will be cooked. And dinner will be ready for when Rob arrives back from his time in the wilderness.

AHhh... a relaxing weekend. What a concept?

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