07 September 2006

I'll take the plastic Spiderman tablecloth and the matching napkins.

Why do linens have to be so damn confusing? Why do I have to be so damn picky?

I'm looking at linens at BBJ Linens. This company was recommended to us by our caterer, because it is a nationwide company that ships your linen order to you. Lucky for me, there is an office here in St. Louis. Double-lucky for me, it's the very same office that takes care of the Champaign orders. (Even tho there is one in Chicago, but whatev.)

So, I'm looking at the site and know what type of linens I would like, but I have no idea what size. The tables at Refinery are 10 person rounds. The linens that the event coordinator usually orders are waaaay short. If you look at the banquet pictures, you can see the legs of the table, and it will bother me all freakin' night.

So I want linens that come down closer to the floor. Should I be looking for ones that puddle or or where the points drop? Well, why don't I just head on down to their showroom.

Because they're only freakin' open from 9-5 during the week. No weekend hours. So, if you work full time, fuck off. These are not the linens you're looking for.

On top of all of this, I'm feeling a little stressed because I don't know what the caterer will require since we're doing stations. If they need smaller tables, then I need to get my butt on the phone and rent 4 or 5 smaller rounds. Oh, and then I need some sort of linens for those!

This blows. BUT! If I get the look I'd like, and the cost isn't that bad, it's going to be awesome.

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queenlizzle said...

seriously aren't linens like the dumbest part of wedding planning? i stressed and stressed about stupid linens. we really wanted to get some nice linens from a place but our location had their own linens (plain, white, short) and i had nightmares forever about the fact that we could not afford to rent nice linens.
the ones from the place that we ended up using weren't awful but i do really like the look of the linens that you can get from palces. i think it really ties everything together. and i'm so with you on length. that's what i so hated about ours. floor length just looks so nice.

ok, i really added no help or info for your dilemma except to say i feel your pain. people dont even understand how much goes into stupid linens! :)