14 November 2006

This crazy little thing called blog.

This Friday we're having a gathering of friends at our home for a Thanksgiving-ish dinner. If you don't know me, I love the holidays. There is something about cold weather that brings out my inner-baker, inner-martha (stewart, that is), and my inner-domestic goddess. My plans for the coming weeks include purchasing a tree, decorating the house, baking TONS of cookies, and knitting. Could I be any happier?

Of course life, school, homework, work and other things will get in the way, but I'm going to try to make the best of my blustery days. I'm thinking that my house will be decorated in this color scheme for the holidays. It fits with my style and existing colors in the house.

You will also notice that I've added a new item to the right side of the page. This is a list of selected posts from sites I subscribe to via RSS. Using Google Reader I can choose to share certain ones and they'll be posted here. Look for mostly holiday recipes and other assorted holiday fun.


queenlizzle said...

that is so funny!!! i went shopping yesterday for ornaments for our new tree. those are hte EXACT colors that i really wanted to buy, but since they don't go wiht our housal colors i had to go wtih something else. we have mostly dark brown, beige, sage green, adn little pops of red. i ended up getting pale pink, pale green, pale purple, and silver.

take pics of the decor - i want to see! btw - michaels had some GORGEOUS ball ornaments in those colors in a matte finish for a really good price until nov. 18.

NerdyArtist said...

Thanks for the Michael's tip. I hope to head there very soon. Ideally, I'd get a few things before the dinner on Friday, but I'm scared to see how that could possibly happen.

Tell you what... I'll take pics of my decor if you take pics of yours! Ever use flickr or picasa? I want to see how everyone decorates for Christmas. Maybe we'll inspire one another.

Gah. We're suburban.