06 November 2006

Packing my polynomials and going home!

Bloody hell. Does anyone hate math more than me? Rob might. Might. I'm an art kid. Art kids don't do math! A few other things we don't do are team sports, grunting, frat parties or allow Freddy Prinze Jr to make the "art-kid" trendy.

I have a math test tonight. I'm currently deciding whether or not I want to a.) curl up under my desk and weep softly or b.) begin repeating "Math + Me = Mediocrity!"

I'm also trying to decide what I'm taking next semester. What do you think, internet? Drawing I or Design I?

The other class I'm taking next semester? More freakin' math. I must hate myself.

1 comment:

queenlizzle said...

i feel your pain. i only passed college math things becuase of nate. and im not an art kid.

um. oh drawing v design. i dont understand teh difference (see above). if design is like design of stuff, like inside of homes or somehting, that sounds fun.