03 November 2006

I must kill Frank Drebin.

I suppose it is Friday, now isn't it? It doesn't seem like it to me, but that's because I have to work all freakin' weekend because the community theatre is having a production and everyone's favorite assistant has to sell tickets and concessions. Fun times!

Other plans for the weekend?
-Try my hand at home screen printing a shirt or two
-Clean! Clean! Clean!
-The great clothing overhaul starring Andrea with Rob in a supporting role.
-Organize the closet!
-Put away laundry!
-Kill a drifter!

As you can see, my weekend is action-freakin' packed. I really am not sure how I will contain my excitement.

And speaking of excitement - big news to come in future weeks. (No. I'm not pregnant.) Don't touch that dial!

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