07 November 2006

Oh, I wish I was an Oscar Meyer weiner...

Yeah. That's running through my head. Don't you wish you were me?

Last night I did not sleep well at all. I tossed and turned all night, couldn't get comfortable and was too damn hot. For those of you who don't know me, I get these sort of hot flashes where my body temperature will suddenly rise and I'll be sweaty and red. It's hot, trust me. (Hot! Get it! HA!) These don't just happen overnight. They happen all. the. time. Let me tell you, a 25 year old with hot flashes = not fun. I swear I'm going to be one of those people who spontaneously combusts. All you'll find left of me is a shin and my wee little skull.

But I have about 40 years before that happens so until then, it's causing me to be functioning at about 40% today. (This post is brought to you by the number 40.) As a result of my not getting enough sleep, I have a headache that seems to lay docile and just throb every once in a while. (Usually about the time I think it has gone away...) and a mild stomach ache.

While I wish I could go home and sleep on my lunch break, I don't know if that would actually help me or not. Instead, my plans are to head to the local Social Security office to get my name officially changed over to Lammle. After that, I'm going to grab lunch and the world's largest cup of coffee and head back to work. We'll see, though. They are having my favorite soup at Panera, so soup and nap might prevail. (I'll keep everyone posted... I'm sure this is a saga that you'll want to follow.)

Tonight I have my web design class. I have started over on my site and now I'm trying to choose content. I'm taking this rather seriously, because I'm thinking about actually creating and maintaining the site, not just doing it for a project. The domain of NerdyArtist is available, so it might be mine in a week or so. I have to say, I'm torn on the whole thing. I don't know if NerdyArtist is something I want to keep using or if I should find another way to refer to myself. At least a new name for a site. I'm open to suggestions, so send them my way.

I suppose that I should get back to "work" now, and by work, I mean staring at the screen willing this caffeine to kick in.

It's not working.


Soniya said...

Dude, why is choosing a domain name so hard? I've been struggling with it for a week. I feel like it's this major self-actualization effort or some shit. Really it's $9.95 for a year.

I'm bummed that Sona Consulting is taken. So is Sona Solutions. I might have to go with Sona Strategies but that is confusing b/c SONA is a type of architecture and people might think I'm offering services for that architecture. Which I'm not.

Lilt Consulting is starting to look better and better...maybe Lilt Solutions.

NerdyArtist said...

I know!

My whole thing is that I feel like NerdyArtist is somewhat juvenile. I know that there will be a part of this site that will have a resume of sorts, and I don't know if I want to tell a potential employer "Oh, just go to NerdyArtist.com!