03 November 2006

Question for the Internet!

Ladies, what makeup brushes do you use and love? I'm looking to start collecting some decent ones and stop using these things that shed all over my face. (No, that's NOT a mustache...)

Has anyone tried to use just good quality artist brushes for this?

Of course, in a perfect world, I'd have this in a heartbeat, with a few additional brushes to round things out, but we don't live in a perfect world, do we?

On a random sidenote, I really hate to sit back and watch bad things happen to what seems to be good people. There are two parents here to bail out their kid, and they were prepared to pay $300 for his bond... they were informed that he was charged with a few additional things while he was here. I think the mother is just heartbroken. I feel bad for them.


queenlizzle said...

obviously i enjoy talking about make up.

i really like the bare escentuals brushes. the powder brush and kabuki brush are really nice for blending everything together.

i use mac brushes for eye stuff and they are fantabulous. also fyi i just used for the first time the mac brush cleaner on my mac and bare escentuals brushes and it was like i had just purchased all new brushes! i was nervous to do it b/c i didn't want my brushes to suck afterwards but it really made them like new again.

NerdyArtist said...

Liz, it is your enjoyment of make-up talk that I was hoping for when I wrote this post. :)

I just cleaned my existing brushes as well. While I like one or two of them, the others need to hit the road. Mostly my blush brush (shedding!) and my powder brush. (Pointy!)

I purchased a new foundation brush from Target yesterday. A Sonia Kashuk foundation brush. It's pretty cool.

Which MAC eye brushes do you use? I only have an angled brush from MAC right now that I use to put on my Fluidline eyeliner. Aren't the MAC brushes kinda pricey? (Well worth it, I know.)

queenlizzle said...

i have the eye blending brush, which i am in LOVE with and use for pretty much all things eye related. it's a really good multi purpose eye brush if you dont wnat to spend a lot of money on 9182739281 brushes. that one is a GREAT one to have.

then i have 249 large shader brush, which is really supposed to be used to layer a dark color in the outer corners of your eyes. either i am not talented or this brush is too hard to control b/c it never goes on right when i use that brush, so i just usually dont. i have the brow angled brush and another angled brush that i use for eyeliner, but really you would only need one for both purposes. the one that i would die without is that blender one.

sonia k brushes are always really highly rated and i think a good bang for the buck. i think i'm going to buy some too actually!

also im not sure what sort of blush brush you like, but bare escentuals has this really cool contour blush brush which is supposed to be for making your cheekbones more defined. i have been lusting after that one but haven't bought it yet because im not sure i understand how to use it.

oh - i have hte mac foundation brush too but i dont use that anymore since i am on strictly powder now. i did like that brush b/c before i used my hands and apparently that's very non-good.

Soniya said...

Hey there, my 2 cents...I love the MAC brushes but before that I had some Sephora ones. The Sephora ones were just fine, I was just lazy and wanted new ones. I wash the MAC ones with just soap and water and they turn out fine afterwards. I've had them for eons and they haven't aged at all. Good investment all around! BUT the face brush is a crock...I get much better application from just the little sponge applicator in the compact. Maybe it's better for liquid, not sure.