25 August 2006

An open letter to crazylife.org

Dear CL,

We've had some good times over the past few years. You helped me meet several new people, heck you even assisted me in getting to know better the man who is now my fiance. I've opened up to you about the passing of my grandparents, the drama and turmoil I faced while finding a new job. You were always there for me to talk to, to pass the time, or to find out what city I'd be if I were a city in Michigan.

But it's time for me to move on, CL. I hope you understand. Technology is changing so rapidly, and my opinions are changing as well. I crave user-friendly screens, drag and drop, and RSS feeds. I desire macaroni pictures. You can't provide that, can you CL?

No, CL. I've outgrown you. I've moved along with the times and headed for blogger-town. So what if no one reads, I'm still here. Please. Stop crying. C'mon... you're making a scene. People are staring.

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