30 August 2006

I'm going to punch out street lights with a bat.

Music can transport you. Funny, I'm listening to "Shannon" by Henry Gross. This song (besides being incredibly lame) is featured on the Anchorman soundtrack. Will ferrell introduces the song by stating, "I'm not sure if I want to play this next song. It gets me very emotional. Oh the blazes with it! Just play it Ronnie, just play it."

We get 17 seconds into the song and Ron Burgundy begins to cry. He sobs throughout the song and tells us all the memories he has attached to it. ("I was born without a spleen! How's that make you feel?")

What's ironic about this song playing now is that this whole album brings back many memories for me. I can remember this song playing on the overhead in the eraly mornings at Borders when I was working on IPT. (Inventory Processing Team for those of you not down with the Borders lingo.)

This was after a considerably rough time in my life. I had ended an eight year relationship. Needless to say the transition was less than easy. (Contrary to popular belief...)

It took a strong man by my side, a few true friends and a little Lexipro to get me through it. But here I am. Marrying said strong man witha bullshit tolerance that has been severely lowered. I'm happy, and I'll be the first to admit that it's a concept I still struggle with. Is happiness really this easy?

What does this have to do with this strange news anchor sobbing in my ear? It's one of the first memories I have of being happy that doesn't directly involve Rob. It means I can be happy without relying on someone else's assistance.

And for me, that's HUGE.

"You gotta live life, eh? That sound good? Great."

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