04 November 2007

Hi there.

Ever heard of NaBloPoMo? Me either until now. I'm not interested in the drawings or the prizes or whatever, but I think that blogging every day would be a good exercise. Force myself to take time out and actually think, rather than continue to walk through the day in my usual foggy state.

To update everyone, I'm getting bigger. I have 8.5 weeks left to go (approximately). Time has just flown by.

Today is going to consist of laundry and getting shelves up in the office. Rob is in the middle of a major overhaul in the office that will leave each of us with nifty workspaces and plenty of storage. I'm getting to a point where I crave storage. I want everything to be placed somewhere certain in matching boxes so our home looks like a photo out of blueprint mag. Think we can make it happen? I hope so.

Liz, how is your home coming along? I look forward to more pictures soon!

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