07 November 2007

I don't feel like dancing, no. No dancing today.

Another day, another post.

This is a quickie I'm trying to crank out before anyone else comes into the shop (workers, customers, etc).

A good day is started with a peppermint mocha. Even in decaf it's still yummy on a chilly morning... even if this morning wasn't chilly enough for me. Then again, I'm crazy.

I do love this time of year tho. The tree across the street from my office is really pretty right now. You know... the one in front of the place that teaches you how to cage fight. (I wish I was kidding...) The weather is cool enough that I'm wearing a nice black cowl neck sweater with a pumpkin colored tank under it.

I'm getting sidetracked easily, because I'm no longer the only one in the office. Must be time for me to get to work!


queenlizzle said...

it's def cold enough here! we had snow yesterday. what the hell.

NerdyArtist said...

Actually, I'm a little jealous!