23 October 2006

Gangs shooting others for colors, things that we wear for fashion...

Friday - Headed down to the Arms with friends for yummy lamb burger and beer. Headed to the City Museum next because two of our friends had never been there. Discovered that they've taken away our yummy cider and hot chocolate (with alcohol added, of course) and replaced it with a juice bar (not that kind..) and ice cream. Oh, and you can't smoke outside anymore either. (But you can smoke inside at Beatnik Bob's... makes TONS of sense.) Headed home entirely too late and crashed.

Saturday - Woke up wanting a substancial breakfast so we headed to Burkemper's for a fairly good breakfast. It's a tiny diner that is always packed. Food was better than Denny's but not as good as the Village Garden (otherwise known to locals as "The Diner" in Fisher.) Ran errands and went back to the condo because I felt craptastic. Cleaned. Rob headed out with the boys and I headed to the Mills with Kim. We were on a quest for awesomeness. Finding it in the form of a cornrow'd young man with an airbrush in his hand and tolerence in his heart - our quest for cheesy shirts had found a destination. Photos of the airbrushed awesomeness to come at a later time. Headed home to clean and hang out with Kim and Rob.

Sunday - Woke up and made cinn. rolls for Rob and I. Kim came over and we headed to the Mills for our airbrushed fun and studying. After spending entirely too much time at the mall, and only one shirt completed, I'm picking up the remaining shirts this evening when I head to class. We headed down to the Arms with the one completed shirt to drop off with Mike. Then we made the drive back to St. Peters where Rob was slaving over a hot stove making yummy lasagna. We ate yummy lasagna, studied, watched TV, and did laundry for the rest of the night.

My week looks like this:
Today - work (suckage), study, class, pick up dad from airport, then sleep.
Tomorrow - work (suckage), get nails done, study, pack, sleep.
Wednesday - work (suckage), get mystic tan, class, home to load car, drive to Fisher, sleep.
Thursday - drive to chicago, check in, CB2, nice dinner, drinks, newlywed things.
Friday - Museums!
Saturday - burbs! cousins! Ikea! MAC!
Sunday - C&B! Joliet! Chris & Cari! Married!
Monday - drive home! (Suck!)

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