22 January 2008

Little hands, little feet... little baby!

We've been home for a little over a week and Harper is 11 days old. Having her in our everyday life has been an adjustment, but a welcome one. We're adjusting to our new sleep schedules or lack there of. Harper seems to only want to sleep when she's on one of our chests. This is apparently a common issue, and should resolve itself with a little intervention from us.

Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes and words of encouragement. The 2 days of labor were difficult, to say the least. While I wasn't in a ton of pain for the majority of the time, it still isn't an experience that I would recommend or wish upon anyone.

The c-section and the recovery from that hasn't been all that bad, actually. The worst part has been the sleeping situation. But we'll get better at it.

Rob heads back to work tomorrow. That's when the true test begins.

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