09 September 2007

What am I doing?

Well, I'm writing a weekend update while Rob studies and we get ready to eat the lasagna he's made for our dinner. Yes, it's 9:20pm on Sunday, but that doesn't mater. Harper will enjoy lasagna at any time in the evening.

Friday: We headed out for dinner at Outback for okay steaks (I've discovered that I enjoy Longhorn steakhouse a little better) and then proceeded to... well, I just don't remember what we did next. It was fairly unimportant I'm sure and somewhat uneventful.

Saturday: I woke up and headed into the office at 8:30am to tweak a design that my boss would sewing out over the weekend. It was a pain in the ass to get ready for sewing and of course, it was a rush order. I'm seriously starting to hate the general public by working in this shop.

Met my mom back back home where we grabbed Rob and headed out to Chesterfield Mall. Mom and I shopped while Rob went to see 3:10 to Yuma. (Look for a review on SMX, I'm sure...) I purchased a new purse, more MAC wipes and some more foundation. I also found some wonderful wonderful WONDERFUL pants at Old Navy that I will be purchasing many more pairs of. (Pregnancy + comfy pants = heaven) Met up with Rob, hit Applebees for lunch and then headed home. I took an impromptu nap while Rob did....something else. I have no idea. I dozed off in front of the laptop in bed. After my nap, I was looking to get out of the house so we headed out in search of new shoes for me which proved successful. ($8 pair of slip on cheap-o tennies at Payless and $7 pair of slip on shoes for Rob) I'm not wanting to spend a lot of money on shoes right now because everyone says that your feet change during pregnancy. We'll see. We headed to Lowe's to look for storage solutions and then hit Wal-Mart to purchase white onesies and iron on transfer paper. Headed home to get creative. Look for pictures of said onesies in the coming days. (No, really, I mean it....) Stayed up way too late watching Undeclared.

Sunday: Woke up late and headed to Costco for bulk food lovin'. Headed home where I took an impromptu nap (I'm getting good at these...) while Rob worked on... something else. Once again, I have no idea what. We then headed over to Mom's with some rubbermaid tubs as she's kind enough to let us store some of our crap at her place. Hit the grocery store for the remainder of the lasagna ingredients and came home.

Which brings us to now. The lasagna is resting on the stove, the rolls are in the oven getting all warm and yummy and I'm bringing this weekend update to a close. There's lasagna to be eaten and Undeclared to watch while eating it.


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