22 August 2007

Where's a cop when you need one?

This happened about a week ago:

Rob and I were on our way to Best Buy to pick up Flash Gordon so Rob can re-live his childhood years. The light turns green and I head on out. Someone from the intersection on the right, decides to make the turn regardless of my having the right of way and completely ignoring the fact that he was cutting me off.

I honk at him and make an ugly face and complain loudly with generous profanity to Rob...then I look in my review.

There's a cop coming up behind me at full speed with his lights and siren going. I pull over, wondering to myself when honking became illegal... then my mood completely changed.

He pulled over the guy who cut me off! Justice was served! Right before my very eyes!!!

Needless to say, while Flash Gordon made Rob's night...watching an idiot get pulled over because he cut me off, made mine.

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mrenner said...

0 people care. That's gotta be the worst automated statement ever after that post. I'd like to think I do. :D