25 June 2008

Watching the numbers get bigger...

There is nothing scarier than the first time your child has a fever. How do I know this? Because it is 10:53pm and Harper has a fever. She hasn't been herself today, and tonight the numbers on the thermometer crept up and up before our very eyes.

There are a million things that could be causing this little body to be burning up. The tamest is teething. The worst is probably some undiscovered disease caused by breathing air in a new grocery store. (Did I mention we went to the opening of the new Whole Foods today?)

I have learned many things as a parent in these few months. Tonight I learned that watching your baby suffer because of a fever is very scary... and that the difference between vomit and spit-up is a.) the smell and b.) the horrid convulsions that go with throwing up. Watching your infant throw up is second on the scary scale for the evening.

I have been absent from blogging lately, but have been here reading. It's hard to write daily or even weekly when you have a very curious little girl. She isn't content just to sit. She wants to explore and touch everything.. and promptly put it in her mouth.

As I mentioned above, today was the grand opening of a new Whole Foods. This made me very happy as this one is HUGE and closer to my house. This means that shopping there on a regular basis is a reality. Harper will be eating organically and I will be making the majority of her baby food for her. The nearby Whole Foods will make that much easier. Today I purchased some avocados, black beans, and garbanzo beans for myself and mangoes, peaches, misc babyfood for Harper. I am purchasing the organic (Earth's Best) baby food that I don't think I could make myself. This means peas and pears. Peas because I hate them and pears because they are the ninjas of the fruit world when it comes to ripening. They always seem to go from under ripe to over ripe under my care. No stopping at just right in between.

On my way home from Whole Foods today, I started to experience aura. This, to put it simply, completely sucked. I raced home as quickly as I could and started to treat. My mom came over and watched Harper while I took a heavily medicated nap.

Today was an exciting day. Not the type of excitement I'd like, but eventful to say the least. I'm hoping that Harper has a good night and is fairly comfortable. Even better would be if her fever would break and she would be better from here on out. If this is all caused by teething, then we can expect to go through this another 20 or so more times. FUN!

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