03 July 2007

Betsy Ross, I ain't!

Just got into work this morning and had to hand-sew some patches on a couple of hats. Fun stuff. One looks like a retarded 6 year old did it while riding in a car on a gravel road, the other looks alright. Looks like I figured it out by the second one.

Spend all evening yesterday prepping for Brasher Bash. Like Rob said, it should be a good time. Honestly, I've never been to one in the past, but I've heard plenty of stories. Apparently when these would take place while we were in high school, it was the best place to see some of your teachers and band parents urinating in public, vomiting, and just being generally hammered...and then having their students/children drive their drunk asses home.

I still have some things I want to do for the bash tonight. I'll be making some homemade sparkling lemonade and a pan of brownies to bring with. Yesterday, I was at the Brasher's cooking potato salad, mexidip and veggie dips. The food should be a damn good spread.

Today I'm at work, but I have the closed sign up. I'm only going to be here until noon or one and then I'm heading out to get ice and possibly cupcakes for the party. Then it's home to see if my swimsuit will cover the growing tummy. If not, I'll be heading out to find a new swimsuit for the party.

That's all. I should get to sewing some of these things that aren't going to sew themselves.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th! Have a drink for me!

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